Our Story

Our Story:
Iran voltige grupe started its activities since May,2014 by the founder of this sport; Mina Farahani.
At first, she faced with many difficulties to introduce this major to even sporty people; then, little by little vaulting could find its place among equestrian society in Iran.
We started our vision by a 8 year old Hannoverian stallion horse.( Caliente 8 ). It’s needed to say, Mina has done it with the support of calient’s owner; Mr. Pourheydari. This stallion was a jumping horse and took time to get him ready for vaulting.after 2 month, the horse got ready to welcome vaulters.At the same time, Mina started her research to find out talented girls from different gymnastic’s club; with those who are interested more in horses.She had two major problems; first,limitations of her country and second, acceptance of working both genders together equally.Now, after passing this difficult situation, holding different vaulting clinics was one of her trimph.

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